The Home of Aztlán Development

Aztlán Development includes Architects and Operators of successful theme parks and water resorts, including the Architect of Record for the world’s tallest water slide and the world’s longest water attraction.

Aztlán Development includes designers who have worked on the Epcot Center, Disney World, Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas, and Beach Park in Brazil. The Aztlan Team has designed, developed and operated successful theme parks for over 30 years.

  • “Return to Aztlán theme park will initially be used as the movie set for the feature film “Moctezuma Rising” produced by Traveling Star Production. Albert S. Ruddy, two-time Academy Award winning movie producer (Godfather I, and Million Dollar Baby) will serve as Executive Producer. Ruddy is joined by block-buster screenwriter Skip Woods (Die Hard, Swordfish, X-Men, A-Team)
  • “The park will become a trend-setting retail and  5-D experience attraction creating a wholesome family destination to be enjoyed for generations to come,” said Mark Stuart, CEO.
  • A year-round feature set with retail, dining, cinema, entertainment and lodging adventures anchored by an all-season theme park with a lot of water features.

It is our plan to extend the normal season to 365 days a year, creating 1,000 direct and indirect jobs for the East Valley.